Being in a team can be hard work. Some teams will require you to do a lot of work to stay with them... Some will require you TO give cells, SOME will require a minimum of gems before taking you on, some will run their show like it is an army taking the fun out of playing. This is a GAME not your job. nobody will call you home to congratulate you on your success, so the only important thing in this team is to PARTICIPATE and have fun while doing it.




 This page will be used by MONSTER4HIGHER in Monster Legends


Here are the only 3 rules if you are part of this team.

  1. Participate, be seen, be present, motivate absences if you can't respect this.   *NOT PARTICIPATING IS A SURE KICK OUT*

  2. Be mature, this is a game. But being part of a team means you need others.

  3. Ask questions, share breeding recipe, use the experience of others.


Team life...